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A few words about me

First of all, welcome to my website! My name is Olli Suomainen and I’m a professional Finnish linguist, translator, proofreader, editor and consultant.

I have been working full-time in the language business since 1999, with literally thousands of completed projects and satisfied clients in my portfolio. My clients include companies, organisations, authorities and private individuals from all over the world.

I consider the services I provide to be a combination of art and professionalism which can clearly be seen in my work. That’s why my clients keep coming back to me.

For a free quote just send me the document to be translated and I will get back to you as soon as I can with a quote and delivery date.

I look forward to hearing from you!


The knowledge and expertise I have gained will be to the benefit of my clients

Timely delivery

The delivery deadlines we agree upon are always strictly adhered to

Reasonable rates

No additional costs are incurred for identical sentences repeated in the text

Highest quality

To achieve quality, I undertake extensive research and proofreading

Tired of long e-mail forms?


Every client is unique. Every project is unique. That's why every price offer will also be unique - depending on the type of text, subject matter, format, deadline and other relative factors.

Subject areas

In my experience, I believe that almost any subject matter, from marketing to pharmaceutical medicine, can be translated with the utmost quality when it is based on good research.


I work with all the latest hardware and software required by a professional translator, including several translation memory tools such as Trados Studio and MemoQ, amongst others.

The usual procedure ⇢


Send the documents to me in an e-mail, via Dropbox or online file transfer service. I can work with most file formats, however I prefer editable text documents which I find are the easiest to work with, as well as being the cheapest and fastest to translate.

Price offer

I will analyse the potential project and provide you with a competitive offer. It'll contain the total price, latest delivery date and any special requirements etc. The rate is usually calculated according to number of words in the source text.


If you wish to accept the offer, just send a quick message to me stating that you agree with it. Any acceptance must be made in writing and will be legally binding. It will also imply that you agree to my Terms & Conditions.


Now the real work begins. I will initiate the translation, revision and proofreading of your texts. My goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver the highest possible quality. I will keep you posted on progress during the project.


Once the work has been completed, the documents will be returned to you, before our agreed deadline and in the file format mutually agreed upon - usually as attached files in an e-mail or via an online file transfer service if the files are too large.


Once you have approved the translation you will receive an invoice from my Swedish billing company with payment due within 30 days. Payments are made to their Swedish account or online with a credit card. Unpaid invoices are redirected to a debt collection agency.

Olli Suomainen

Finnish Translator

ISO 17100

I adhere to the ISO 17100 quality standard which stipulates rules for professionals engaged in the language industry in order to provide a translation service that meets clients’ and other parties’ applicable standards and specifications.

The standard includes provisions concerning the management of core processes; minimum qualification requirements for translators, reviewers, revisers or project managers; the availability and management of resources and other actions necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service.






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Olli Suomainen